You Know a Bigot When You See One

Forreal?! Forreal. I hate people like this. This old guy named Paul Mitchell had the huge sign that he supposedly brings every year to different campuses, stating that pretty much anyone who isn’t like him will go to hell. Ridiculous. Shit like this is just begging me to become an atheist. I phoned a few friends, got my camera and walked to the Multi-Cultural Center so I can document the idiocy. I was glad to see people there asking him questions and demanding him to get the hell out of our school, as well as making fun of him which would be expected in any case. Playing Rick Astley in the background was a nice touch from the audience. He preaches the bible, takes quotes out of context, judges EVERYONE (including calling out a strong and bold student a “mouthy woman” and “whoreish”), and seriously acted like the biggest 5-year-old I have ever seen. Anyone who says, “DOES NOT!” like he did obviously has run out of responses. I also recalled a few funny quotes from folks who wanted to make a statement too:

"I’m Christian and gay, and God loves me!"

"Remember, you can’t argue with crazy."

"Somebody get the theologian professor out here."

Bigot: “Don’t drink and drive!” 
Student: “Don’t drink and preach!”

"Do you think you are intelligent?"

"I see weirdo up there!"

"Hey Jesus Freak! Can I ask you a question?"

And when the other guys started busting out the signs, I died of laughter as did most everyone else. “Keep Walking!” “I’m With Stupid —>” and “I AM RISEN” were what was written on the signs since my pictures aren’t totally clear. Arguments went back and forth between folks who were nonbeliever, Catholics, and even a Satanist, which I found kind of cool lol. Seriously though, that was soooo fucking annoying… yet entertaining. Just another unique day in CSULB.

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    Can we please stop arguing with these people and laugh at them instead? Like not physically or violently harass them but...
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  7. momentarilyandnever said: LOL u’ll get use to these people Last semester they were there every tues and thurs HEY! I was late to class so I just hurried by but one of ur pictures (2nd from the last) I walked by right when that guy was talking so I probably walked right past u
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    I was there! Haha I love how he has ‘clueless fools’ in there. And ‘mouthy women’. By far my favorite.
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    Thank you for posting this, boo. I didn’t have the opportunity to meet these people but I’m sure I would have dazzled...
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